Vonette Bright
July 2, 1926 — December 23, 2015

VVonette Zachary Bright was a joyful, prayerful, exuberant woman who could not be confined to a box, or to a Christian stereotype. A wife, mother and grandmother, yes. A Southern lady, without a doubt. But also an international stateswoman who loved to throw a party.

In all of life, she celebrated well and boldly invited others into the kingdom to celebrate with her. Thus Vonette was as at-home in Buckingham Palace as in a meeting of the Christian Motorcycle Association — where she served as a non-riding member. Cab drivers and U.S. presidents were treated equally: “Oh, honey,” she’d say as she greeted each one.

Vonette’s two greatest loves were her Savior and then her husband, Bill Bright.

Vonette’s two greatest loves were, without a doubt, her Savior and then her husband, Bill Bright. For her, everything else flowed from those two passions.

Vonette was a powerful promoter of prayer worldwide, a consistent voice for evangelism – especially at home in her heart for hospitality – and a powerful partner with Bill in leading Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru in the United States) for 64 years.

Today the world lost a great, great woman. Her legacy is sure, her witness was winsome. And our loss is heaven’s gain.